Newmatic Elevators

The epic journey begins here… There are numerous occasions when stairs are inconvenient: transporting luggage or moving awkward household items is so much easier with a lift. There are also times when stairs may prove too challenging for those less mobile. Until recently, however, installing an elevator was simply not possible in most homes, due to the significant construction work and the sizeable energy consumption involved.

Pneumatic home elevators now make lift installation a viable option, with designs ranging from the compact, which allows installation even where space is at a premium, to more generous models which can comfortably accommodate a wheelchair.

Installation is minimally disruptive, as the pneumatic lifts use energy-efficient, air-driven technology and the self-supporting, free-standing design requires no major structural alterations. The elevators can even be dismantled and relocated (with adjustments) should clients move house.

As important as their functionality and economy is the aesthetic appeal of Newmatic elevators. The elegant, streamlined design can be successfully installed in both period houses and modern mansions. Go to our photo gallery to view lifts in a variety of settings, or read on to discover more about what Newmatic Elevators can offer.



Installing a lift in your home would once have been a difficult and expensive process, requiring the construction of a lift shaft, the excavation of a pit and the installation of a machine room. However, with the revolutionary ‘Newmatic Elevator’, these costly and time-consuming procedures are a thing of the past. Taking up relatively little space, the lift works using the principle of pneumatics, with the air pressure difference above and beneath the cabin transporting you to where you want to go.

Safety, of course, is paramount: with the elevator’s multi-locking mechanisms, it is widely regarded as the safest on the market. It is also extremely easy to maintain, requiring only a simple yearly inspection/maintenance visit. The lifts are also energy efficient, with virtually zero energy consumption on the descent.


Lift Models