PVE 52

When stairs become too challenging, there are many mobility options such as chair lifts or wheelchair-accessible elevators, but only our PVE 52 vacuum lift gives you the space you need, the safety features you require, and a design that is second to none. Whether you or a loved one needs help moving between floors, installing a Newmatic vacuum elevator is the best choice.

Never before has accessibility been so visually attractive. This pneumatic lift will enhance the interior of any home, providing a practical and aesthetic alternative to traditional stair lifts.

The PVE 52 is specially designed to accommodate wheelchair access. Since a pit is not required, this residential lift can be installed in any existing or new home.

The PVE 52 is the perfect choice for those who are in need of a wheelchair-accessible elevator or who desire a beautiful and spacious panoramic elevator within their home. This is the largest of the three vacuum elevators, capable of carrying three people, but still requiring less space than traditional lifts. Like the other vacuum elevators, the PVE 52 does not need a separate space for machinery or additional room above and below the lift for a pit.

Since the unit has a self-supporting structure, there is no need to add a frame to your home before installation, which means this lift can be fitted virtually anywhere in the home. The PVE 52 can be configured with two to six stops in its vertical course, which allows it to be adapted to homes up to six stories, or a total rise of 20m. The cabin is equipped with LED lighting as well as a cabin fan that circulates the ambient air throughout the elevator car. Internally, the unit measures a roomy 1,105mm in diameter. This provides enough space for a person in a wheelchair with an attendant or for up to three adults to stand in comfort. The cabin height is 2,005mm, sufficient to provide headroom for most people. The 812mm wide entrance opening provides easy access for a wheelchair. With same side or opposite side door offerings, the largest of the residential vacuum elevators can be configured to accommodate almost any requirements.

As an environmentally-friendly home elevator, the only power required for this three passenger, 240kg lift capacity residential elevator is a 220V, dedicated supply with a 32AMP D type circuit breaker, single phase service. The wheelchair-accessible residential elevator has all of the safety and technology features of the other Newmatic models. In the event of a power cut, the vacuum lift safely descends to the lowest level and the mechanical door lock enables the passenger to exit.



  • Capacity: three person or a wheelchair user and an attendant

  • Stops: two to six

  • Maximum Rise: 20 metres

  • Cabin Load Capacity: 240kg

  • Traveling Speed: 150mm per second

  • External Cylinder Diameter: 1,340mm

  • Internal Cabin Diameter: 1,105mm

  • Internal Cabin Height: 2,005mm

  • Entrance Way Opening: 812mm

  • Power Supply: 32AMP 220VAC

  • Weight of Unit: 920kg for 2 stop with 2,750mm ceilings

  • No pit excavation or machine room required

  • Self-supporting, free-standing elevator

  • In-line and 180° door openings
  • Through floor or balcony mounted

  • Aluminium and poly-carbonate cylinder structure

  • Automatic interior LED lighting and fan

  • Mechanical emergency safety brake system

  • One year limited manufacturer warranty

  • EC Certified


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