PVE 37

The PVE 37, the first of the pneumatic vacuum elevator models, was introduced to the elevator industry in 2002. Now celebrating its 12th year in production, the PVE 37 has paved the way for the full line of pneumatic vacuum elevators. This round, panoramic-view home lift has an external diameter of 940mm and an internal diameter of 812mm. This air-driven residential elevator can safely carry two adults or 205kg up to four stops or 11m in total rise. There is also the option to install a cabin seat allowing the passenger to be seated.

The compact PVE 37 home elevator is the perfect option for an existing residence as it requires little space but still provides all the desired applications of any residential elevator. In both new construction and retrofit applications, many clients have chosen to feature the vacuum lift in the front entrance of their home as a work of art and conversation piece.

The PVE 37 elevator operates with five individual powerful but economic turbines, which use 5 kilowatts of electricity, making the PVE 37 environmentally-friendly.

This panoramic home elevator requires a 220V, dedicated supply with a 32AMP D type circuit breaker, single phase service, such as is used for most washing machines or tumble dryers. In the event of a power cut, the safety system is designed to automatically switch to a slow descent.

One of the great advantages of the air-driven home elevator technology is the very minimal maintenance: a simple annual inspection/maintenance-visit and, approximately every five years or 15,000 elevator operations, the main cabin seal may need to be replaced. The cost savings over time are significant when compared to the regular service required for a traditional residential elevator.

The PVE 37 offers in-line (same side) or 180° (opposite side) door openings with one door at each elevator landing. Viewed externally, the door opens from left to right (top right hinged). The door width opening is 535mm and can accommodate a passenger with a walking assistance frame.


Elevator Model

  • Capacity: two person

  • Stops: two to four

  • Maximum Rise: 11 metres

  • Cabin Load Capacity: 205kg

  • Traveling Speed: 150mm per second

  • External Cylinder Diameter: 940mm

  • Internal Cabin Diameter: 812mm

  • Internal Cabin Height: 1,955mm
  • Entrance Way Opening: 535mm

  • Power Supply: 32AMP 220VAC

  • Weight of Unit: 499kg for 2 stop with 2,750mm ceilings

  • No pit excavation or machine room required

  • Self-supporting, free-standing elevator

  • In-line and 180° door openings

  • Through floor or balcony mounted

  • Aluminium and poly-carbonate cylinder structure

  • Automatic interior LED lighting and fan

  • Mechanical emergency safety brake system

  • One year limited manufacturer warranty

  • EC Certified


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